Welcome to Florida Custom Mold

FTP Communication/Services – Electronic data transfer via email and FTP allows rapid and accurate transfer and access to design files.
Molds – 24-hour turnaround on mold quotes, and rapid implementation of engineering changes.
3-D Mold Design – 3-D mold design utilizing the best in CAD/CAM technology supports accuracy and speed of mold development: PRO/Engineer, PRO/Mold Design, PRO/Manufacturing, PRO/Advisor, SmartCam, Virtual Gibbs, Cimatron, Quickslice Vericut and AutoCad.
Trained Engineering Teams – Trained and experienced engineering teams are assigned to each project, ensuring designs match product requirements and timetables meet customer’s expectations.


Mold Makers – Mold makers bring in excess of 200 years of combined experience to the development process.
A Project Leader for each tool – A project leader is assigned to each new tool, and is responsible for schedule, quality and timely communication with the customer.
State of the art equipment – State of the art equipment is used throughout the process, providing speed and accuracy of mold development.
Technical experience/team approach – Technical experience and team approach assures molds are designed to provide customers with high quality molded parts.


Full Range of Presses – A full range of presses to 1,000 ton provide the capability of producing small to large parts.
Low to Medium Volume – Low to medium volume focus supports quick response to meet delivery requirements and part quality.
Complete Resin Drying – Complete drying of resins prior and during molding process provides consistent quality of material characteristics.
Technical Expertise – Technical expertise with a wide range of resins and injection molding experience provides the skill set required to serve a diverse customer base.


Wide Range of Equipment/Skills – Provides the flexibility to meet customer needs and expectations.
100 Percent On-Site – Cost effective and responsive, as all secondary operations can be done on-site, supporting cost effectiveness and reducing response time.
Services Provided –
1. Pad Printing
2. Heat Staking
3. Ultrasonic Welding
4. Machining
5. Assembly
6. Mold Texturing and Engraving
7. Painting and EMI shielding


Policies and Procedures – Quality systems policy and procedures meet current standards.
Standards – Rigorous standards and expectations provide a quality-first attitude throughout the business process.
MRP System – Comprehensive and user-friendly MRP system provides and maintains the complete details on each project and customer.
Part/Print Conformance – State of the art equipment supports accurate and timely measurements to ensure part to print conformance.



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Phone: 813-343-5080 Fax: 813-343-5085